• Moyu - Aoyan M Skewb
  • Moyu - Aoyan M Skewb
  • Moyu - Aoyan M Skewb
  • Moyu - Aoyan M Skewb
  • Moyu - Aoyan M Skewb

Moyu - Aoyan M Skewb

RM 45.00


  • Made of high quality ABS engineering plastic material, wear-resistant and anti-fall, durable and not easy to damage
  • Introducing a magnetic positioning system with 24 magnets for precise positioning, making the cube more manoeuvrable and more comfortable to the touch
  • The magnet slots are reserved to ensure that the accuracy of the sticking position of each magnet meets the requirements, and the position error of the magnet is prevented from affecting the cube hand feeling
  • The friction surface anti-stick groove is fully optimised, and the anti-stick groove around the entire friction surface can effectively reduce the stickiness and bring a light hand feeling, ensuring that the feeling of long-term use is still the same!
  • Re-adjust the angle of the centre block card angle and the corner block card angle to make them more closely match each other, improve anti-pop performance and stability
  • Fixed parts are added on the basis of detachable card corners to prevent the occurrence of card angle drop

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