• Gan354 M V2
  • Gan354 M V2
  • Gan354 M V2
  • Gan354 M V2

Gan354 M V2

RM 92.00


  • WHAT'S NEW ON GAN 354 V2 - The core of new GAN354 has upgraded to plastic, lightweight and stable; And the tension adjustment of GES is now numerial tuning, which means you could set the tensions to certain number level precisely (0.6 or 0.8) without any tools needed.
  • SIZE SMALLER FITS BETTER - At just 54mm, the GAN354 M v2 boasts a comfortable, compact feel and is especially ideal for one-handed enthusiasts and cubers with smaller hands.
  • MAY THE MAGNETIC FORCE BE WITH YOU - GAN 354 M v2 contains 48 magnet capsules and they are all visible now. No hand positioning and glued magnets required, no issue of any magnets feeling / missing.
  • UPGRADED DESIGN - AIRFOIL GANSCORE and NUMERICAL NUT - MAKE IT MORE EXCELLENT - New GAN354M is now equipped with light and stable core, while the travel distance can be precisely tuned by hand.
  • YOUR PB RENEWER WITH THIS BUTTERY SMOOTH CUBE - Inner honeycomb surface reduces friction and endures lubrication; 55°/30° corner-cutting ability; Edge and corner feet designed to anti-pop and anti-twist. Gan 354 M v2 has all latest features a speed cube can have to be your record breaker.

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