• MonsterGo 3x3 UT
  • MonsterGo 3x3 UT

MonsterGo 3x3 UT

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Monster Go, the GAN new educational focused series. 

The Monster Go Series UT, Rainbow, and Cloud (pink & blue) are trainer cubes designed to help aspiring cubers easily learn how to solve the cube.

  • Great corning cutting, no pop or corner twist, it feels just light, smooth and turns very fast right out of the box. 
  • Monster Go cubes are made by eco-friendly plastic with Phthalate and lead free materials. All cubes are well tested, pre-lubed and tensioned before packaging. We even make an mobile app called "CubeStation" to calculate the best solution for you after taking photos of all 6 sides. Why not have a try today?
  • Monster Go cube's structure of core, tensioning and tiles are based on the technology of GAN, a brand that offers top-class cubes to break speedcubing world records. While the quality remains amazing, it's redesigned to own bright color scheme, not-falling-apart body and anti-scratch surfaces that fits the naughtiest kids.

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