• Moyu - Weilong GTS3 M

Moyu - Weilong GTS3 M

RM 98.00


  • Adopting the new type of double adjustable system elevator, the rotating green parts can adjust the height of the central cylinder through the toothed step surface to achieve the function of adjusting the height of the spring chamber.
  • The center block and the cylinder of the cover are designed with grooves to make the magic cube more closely connected. The rubik's cube is more stable in rotation and can effectively handle anti-flying
  • The interior adopts magnetic positioning, comfortable racing speed magnetic positioning sense, and 48pcs high strength magnets is more accurate positioning, making magic cube more smooth rotation, more comfortable hand feeling and higher fault tolerance rate.
  • The edge of magic cube adopts convex design, which makes the magic cube look more beautiful, rotate quickly, and could strengthen the sense of holding, and effectively prevent the hand from escaping
  • The orbit of multilayer bump strengthened the stability of rubik's cube in turn, the friction surface of anti-sticking process is adopted, to solve the friction resistance caused by excessive friction surface, so as to improve the smooth degree of the magic cube
  • The cube also has its fault tolerance rate is 55 °,  and reverse fault tolerance rate 30 °,it rotate more softer, smoother. The use of the high quality nylon, plastic material with high precision screws, springs, gaskets let magic cube rotation more fluent
  • Adopt high quality engineering ABS plastic, it is not easy to deform, not easy to wear, with longer service life

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