• Qiyi XMD Wingy Magnetic Skewb
  • Qiyi XMD Wingy Magnetic Skewb
  • Qiyi XMD Wingy Magnetic Skewb

Qiyi XMD Wingy Magnetic Skewb

RM 34.00


A New Wingy Skewb from QiYi X-Man Design

【Exterior concave design ,Complete magnetic positioning system】

Exceptional hand-feel and extraordinary functionality

  • Innovative new concave design
  • Drastically improves grip and control
  • Decreases drops and slips during solving
  • Easier to execute complex algorithms

【The next generation of magnetic positioning system】

  • 24 magnets strategically placed in the corners
  • Uniform tensioning complements the magnetic positioning system for even greater hand-feel

【A more fitted magnetic positioning system】

  • Complete magnetic positioning system replaces the ball bearing system, decreasing clicking while solving
  • Complete contact surfaces give smoother rotation

【Large round corner optimization ;Abundant and free corner cutting】

  • Every part accurately calculated and refined
  • Large round corners provide high corner cutting ability
  • The true definition of Skewb corner cutting

【Firm construction to the end,Anti-drop fastening design】

  • Increases corner cap durability
  • Puts an end to caps falling off
  • Increases ease of adjusting tensions

【Internal mechanism upgraded once more,Widened internals design 】

  • Precisely calculated design allows for more vertical width
  • Drastically increases stability

【Exquisite anti-stick design;True to details】

  • Anti-stick grooves are strategically placed on the corners and centers
  • Prevents sticking while rotating and provides smoothness

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