• TheCubicle - Angstrom Lube Bundle

TheCubicle - Angstrom Lube Bundle

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The Angstrom Lube Bundle is a discounted lube bundle containing both of the lubricants by Angstrom Research: Gravitas and Dignitas. Get both and save! 

Angstrom Dignitas is a medium viscosity silicone lube that utilizes micro-scale nitride to achieve the perfect balance between speed and smoothness. In puzzles, the micro-scale nitride also accumulates in friction grooves, protecting the puzzle from further damage from friction. Dignitas is designed to be long lasting, and retains speed and smoothness longer than traditional unmodified fast silicones. 

Angstrom Gravitas is a high viscosity silicone lube that utilizes micro-friction of two nanoscale compounds to achieve unparalleled levels of smoothness and controllability. Gravitas is designed to be super long lasting, and retain smoothness far longer than traditional unmodified silicones. 

Each lube comes with a medical grade micro-brush applicator for accurate, precise placement.

**Product packaging may vary. The packaging of the Product may vary from that shown on images on our website as TheCubicle change their packaging constantly.  

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