Calvin's Puzzle Hungry Collection

Hungry collection cubes are using the best UV printing technology. Super high resolution and clear images as real Cheese Hamburger from Fast food chain store.


Introducing NEW Brand

Moretry Tianma X3

New series of 3x3 speed cubes that come in 4 variants. Condensed with ten years' accumulation keep improving and striving for excellence show up in a brand-new style.

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Cubing channel

Junwen · 简单学魔方

WCA ID: 2009JUNW01


Malaysia Cube Association

We were founded to support and promote the sport of speedcubing in Malaysia by organising a variety of cubing activities. We are the main channel to provide information and sources regarding cubing events and methods which are supported by WCA and Malaysia Cube Club to passionate speedcubers across Malaysia. 

Yi Jun 一起学魔方


资深魔术方块选手拥有 9 年魔方教学经验,并且带领超过100名学员参加国级赛事教你一套简单又容易学的魔方课程,从小白变成魔方高手

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